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Laser Hair Removal Temecula

light sheer duetExcessive hair growth can be an embarrassing condition for both men and women. For many years the only option was ineffective creams, shaving, painful waxing, or electrolysis.

Laser Hair removal uses a low power laser to gently remove unwanted hair. Laser treatments will leave your skin smooth and hair free.

Treatments can be performed on all skin types but works best on lighter skin and darker hair color. At Rejuv we utilize the Light Sheer by Lumenis, which is the gold standard in hair removal technology.

Treatments are very tolerable and multiple sessions are required because of the growth cycle of hair. Results are long lasting after multiple treatments. The most popular areas for treatment are the Face, bikini, and under arms.

Laser Hair Removal Faqs

Some preparations prior to treatment should be done to accomplish better results. Excessive sun exposure and tanning beds should be avoided four to six weeks prior to treatment. Plucking, bleaching, or waxing of hairs from treatment areas should also be avoided at least 10 days prior to treatment. If pregnant or taking sun sensitive medication such as accutane or some antibiotics may not be eligible for treatment. Always shave the area before coming in for treatment.

Laser treatment is usually easily bearable but since every individual’s pain threshold varies, some may find it painful. It has been described as “pin pricks,” “rubber band snaps,” or “mosquito bites.”

Precautions postpartum to treatment should also be taken such as sun protection – vigorous sunscreen application is a must for a few days. Any irritant cosmetics should be avoided for at least one day. Facial beauty treatments especially bleaching should be avoided for three to four days. Facial make-up can be applied soon after your treatment due to the fact that it acts as a good sunscreen.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

* Prices listed per session

Small Area Medium Area Large Area
Brow(between)$50 Jawline $275 Full Face $250
Nose $50 Front of Neck $132 Chin $125
Ears $50 Back of Neck $132 Full Arms $291
Cheek $124 Extended Bikini $263 Full Leg $484
Happytrail $118 Lower Face $225 Lower Legs $327
Hands $150 Bikini $188 Upper Legs $416
Feet $150 Upper Lip $125 Upper Back $397
Areola $118 Lower 1/3 Back $240 Shoulder/Back Neck $500
Under Arms $185  Side Burns $124  Full Back $537

Laser Hair Removal

Excessive hair growth can be an embarrassing condition for both men and women.

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