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Cellulite Treatment in Temecula | Cellfina®

Experience the revolutionary Cellfina® treatment at Rejuv Laser Spa, the only FDA-cleared procedure that delivers proven results in cellulite reduction for up to three years. Our expert team, including board-certified plastic surgeons, offers this minimally invasive treatment in our Temecula office. Cellfina® effectively targets the structural causes of cellulite, ensuring you can confidently enjoy your favorite outfits.

Is Cellfina® Right for You?

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The Cellfina® System is specifically designed for long-term cellulite improvement in adult women, focusing on the thighs and buttocks. For more details and a free consultation, contact us at Rejuv Laser Spa.

Cellfina® FAQs


What is Cellfina?

Cellfina® effectively addresses cellulite dimples on legs and buttocks, showing visible results for up to three years. The treatment involves a minimally invasive microblade technique to disrupt the connective tissues causing cellulite. Recovery time is minimal, making it a convenient option. Learn more about Cellfina® treatment in Temecula with a free consultation at Rejuv Laser Spa.

Is Cellfina painful?

Most patients report a comfortable experience with Cellfina®, thanks to advanced anesthesia techniques and the use of a fine blade. The initial anesthetic injections are the most discomfort you’ll likely feel. Discover the comfort of Cellfina® treatment at Rejuv Laser Spa, Temecula.

How quickly does Cellfina work?

Noticeable improvements can be seen as soon as three days post-treatment, with optimal results appearing between 3-6 months. The effects of Cellfina® can last up to two years, with some patients reporting even longer-lasting results. Schedule your free consultation at Rejuv Laser Spa in Temecula for your Cellfina® treatment.

Is Cellfina permanent?

While not permanent, Cellfina® offers long-lasting results. Clinical studies indicate that results can persist for over 24 months, with a high satisfaction rate among patients even after two years. Experience these lasting results with our expert team at Rejuv Laser Spa in Temecula.

How many sessions does Cellfina need?

Cellfina™ is designed as a one-time treatment. Unlike many spa treatments that need to be repeated periodically forever, Cellfina™ does not need to be repeated unless a woman develops new cellulite spots down the road. Contact Rejuv Laser Spa in Temecula and let us answer your questions over a free consultation.


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